I am not a liar, but …

“Fluid replenishment or Hypotension?”

This was a criteria for exclusion from the clinical study. Geeze, that was almost 30 years ago, and at the time, I didn’t remember it in completely vivid detail. OK, yes, they gave me an IV, sure, but do I remember why?  The memory can do funny things, especially when there is emotional trauma involved.

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Explaining your avoidance reasoning: Sometimes it’s just the inconvenience

“You can’t let your allergy get in the way of your life.”  I hear that a lot. Sort of like, it would suck if you die, of course, but being overly cautious can ‘inhibit’ you.

Rather than defending my position based on an ‘it could kill me’, where people look at you funny I started explaining the major inconvenience that would be caused for myself and everyone I was with if I took an unnecessary risk. This was actually more effective in diffusing the skepticism over the avoidance protocol. Quite simply:

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Parents and Trigger Warning

My secondary purpose of this blog is to show parents who have kids with food allergies what my life has been like.  I’m trying to be honest about it.  There are some parts that can be scary. I’m sorry if it’s scary, but you need to be strong for your kids.  You need to control this rather than letting it control you. MORE IMPORTANTLY however, your kid is the one with the allergy, not you, so EMPOWERING your children to control and speak up for their health and safety is actually MORE important than anything else, including not forcing them into OIT if they are not ready.

I’ve gotten feedback that some of what I write about is too frightening to be shared with parents who are dealing with kids with allergies.  I’d rather they read about me, the boy that lived, than the alternative. My story will hopefully have a happy ending someday.


Blog vs. Facebook

Hey, Facebook Generation!

Blogging has been around about 10 years LONGER than facebook. But there is a big difference and it’s all about MARKETING. Facebook is PUSH marketing, meaning you join facebook and I can contact you unless you block me. Blogging is about PULL marketing, meaning I have something interesting enough that you keep coming back for more. Who is the king of PULL marketing?  Well, Google, of course, but advertisers don’t care, they like both.  They want your eyeballs and YOU are the product, (that’s what FREE means).  You know where you can get all the free food that you want? A feedlot.

So what does this mean?

1. My reasons for starting this blog are simple and if you keep reading you will find out why
2. Once my needs are fulfilled I will lose interest, unless I can be of service to YOU
3. If you like my blog I need you to SUBSCRIBE, so I know that you are out there. You can subscribe by clicking the ‘Follow’ icon at the top of the right hand column.
4. You can have my blog emailed to you, that’s fine, but I won’t know that you are reading it, so please read my blog on my blog site, so I know that you are there.  When you get the email, just click the link to bring you to the website.
5. Read the blog from the website.  Why? Because someone is tracking how often you visit and how long you stay on the page. (scary).  This is a gauge for what you want and how well I’m writing.
6. If I ever achieve critical mass/interest then I might consider selling advertising. Frankly, this is not the reason why the blog exists. Regardless, if no one reads it, I’ll eventually stop.

Does it feel like I am asking too much of you? If so, do you use facebook or google, (or amazon, or …)? Then, what’s the difference?

This could turn out to be just another whim, or it might turn into something really meaningful. Either way is fine. But one of my goals is to help others.  and if this blog helps you then please help me back.

The same applies to all the other blogs you read …

UPDATE: In order to sell advertising I have to blog for 90 days. When I started I wasn’t sure if I would have anything to say. Now every day I wake up with several new ideas about what to write about. Wow! So my plan is to try to compile a series of advice and stories from my personal experience and get it out there by the end of June. Then make a decision where to go from there.  I also need to get back to one of my true passions which has been on hold since March, and then I have a vacation … I’m loving life right now.


Eating out, how to order and eat

When outside your safe bubble (peanut example):

1) have an angel with you if at all possible, it makes it so much easier

If you don’t have an angel, but have a friend or someone sympathetic to your situation it 10x more stressful. Even So, if you screw up their meal experience, they aren’t going to want to eat with you again. Trust me, it’s true, it’s happened to me. This is when you learn who your real friends are.

 If you are at a business dinner it is 100x  more stressful.

 If you have a business dinner in a foreign country it is 1000x  more stressful.

 If you have a business dinner in a foreign country where english is not the primary language it is 10000x  more stressful.

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My safe bubble, my prison

I am a prisoner to this allergy. I live in a bubble where avoidance is possible and safe. I can’t leave my bubble without feeling unsafe. I spend too much time and mental energy on avoidance when I’m outside the bubble and it is completely exhausting. If I’m lucky I bring one of my angels with me to keep me safe and sane.

If you have a kid with ANA you absolutely need to empower them to advocate for their health and safety so they can avoid, but you should also try to lower their risk. How to do that? I don’t know, but for me, I’ve been waiting 49 long years for OIT.