Other Epinephrine Auto-injectors

I’ve been challenged on the idea of whether or not Mylan is a monopoly, if so, what caused it, and how many competing solutions could exist in this relatively small market. I claim they are not, because alternatives exist. Other say they are a monopoly because there is not a generic EpiPen(r).

I’ve been told Europe has thriving competition in the autoinjector market and supports EIGHT different solutions. I’ll get back to this point later, but I did uncover two important developments in Europe that we aren’t seeing here in the US.

  1. The newer models are being offered in an additional dose of 0.5 in addition to 0.3 and 0.15. The new dose supports a higher body weight patient.
  2. There have been research results on needle length and one of the newer injectors addresses these new findings.

I have no idea about the state of regulation over there, but here are the claimed EIGHT other autoinjectors I found on the internet:

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Management of Anaphylaxis Guidelines

Was looking for something that remotely describes my ER experience with anaphylaxis.  Had to go to Australia to find it.  No doubt the US legal system prevents posting information like this lest someone is then liable.  Speaking of which, Any information expressed in this blog is merely my opinion and not to be used for medical treatment. 

The following is copied from:


ADVANCED Acute management of anaphylaxis guidelines

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