More flying with PA and airborne reactions

I’ve flown airlines long ago where they handed out little bags of peanuts and I I’ve never gone into anaphylaxis.  I’m grateful my allergy is not that severe.  However, when United Airlines declared themselves to be peanut free about 20 years age they became my preferred airline.  Why? It’s because I am airborne sensitive to peanut protein or peanut ‘dust’ and any allergic reaction makes you feel like crap in one way or another and causes bodily fatigue that can last many hours afterwards.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of the how my body responds to allergens and also to the decongestants or anti-histamines that counteract them. It seems like every anti-histamine has SOME negative side effect; some of them immediate, some have effects that show up after days of use and some have potential long lasting implications. For this reason I’m looking into Immunotherapy for my seasonal allergies.

Delta to Detroit

But in addition I have hope to change my life and free myself from the LTFA prison, so one of the things I’m doing is flying on Delta Airlines. Delta serves peanuts on some of their flights but has become very responsive to peanut allergy sufferers. If you inform them of your allergy they won’t serve peanuts on your flight. Normally I would never fly Delta, but the majority of my family lives in the Detroit area and Delta has a hub there, so they are the only airline with direct flights from California. A direct flight saves me 90 minutes and the hassle of a connecting flight every time I visit. Not to mention I can fly a red-eye and get uninterrupted sleep the whole way. What’s not to like about that? But in the end I can’t go on being afraid to fly. I need to find a way to not let this get in the way of living.

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Epinephrine tracker – Indigogo project – I just funded this, you can too!

I think it’s a great idea. The expiration of a medication depends significantly on the temperature, in addition to time elapsed. This will help identify if it’s gone bad* before expiration and if used properly will extend the life expectancy of meds stored at a more benign temperature. It also warns you if your cell phone and your meds become separated.

The cost of this device is paid for if the ‘expiration’ of the epi is extended by just a few months. I started carrying epi in 1986, and the expiration time back then was definitely longer than 1 year. I’m sure they brought it down to reduce their liability in a lawsuit, but also … to get everyone to throw away perfectly good meds and buy new.  Here’s the journal article.

(*-Gone bad caused by leaving a new epi in a hot car. At the time the liquid was clear, but turned brown months later and well within the expiration date.)

Veta™ is a Smart case for remote monitoring of your child’s Epi-pen.

Veta™ connects loved ones and caregivers to people living with life-threatening allergies, resulting in increased freedom, security and confidence for everyone involved. The Veta system includes:

  • Veta smart case, which holds your EpiPen®
  • Veta app, running on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ mobile devices, connecting to your support networks through a cloud-based infrastructure.

Recommendations on this page are merely recent observations of innovative products intended to keep us safer. No compensation was received, This is just what I stumbled upon recently.


Dining out: Step 1

I was invited to lunch by a fellow who is a vegetarian. It was his turn to choose the restaurant, a place I had never eaten before.. It took 3 email exchanges to get to the answer I was looking for.  This information could have easily been on their website along with their menu, they actually have allergy info on their webpage, but nothing specific to peanut. This is an email exchange I had with the restaurant:

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Explaining your avoidance reasoning: Sometimes it’s just the inconvenience

“You can’t let your allergy get in the way of your life.”  I hear that a lot. Sort of like, it would suck if you die, of course, but being overly cautious can ‘inhibit’ you.

Rather than defending my position based on an ‘it could kill me’, where people look at you funny I started explaining the major inconvenience that would be caused for myself and everyone I was with if I took an unnecessary risk. This was actually more effective in diffusing the skepticism over the avoidance protocol. Quite simply:

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Eating out, how to order and eat

When outside your safe bubble (peanut example):

1) have an angel with you if at all possible, it makes it so much easier

If you don’t have an angel, but have a friend or someone sympathetic to your situation it 10x more stressful. Even So, if you screw up their meal experience, they aren’t going to want to eat with you again. Trust me, it’s true, it’s happened to me. This is when you learn who your real friends are.

 If you are at a business dinner it is 100x  more stressful.

 If you have a business dinner in a foreign country it is 1000x  more stressful.

 If you have a business dinner in a foreign country where english is not the primary language it is 10000x  more stressful.

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