I was IN!

I was going for the last interview to be in the trial, speaking to a doctor who I hadn’t talked with before. After that, sign the release for the OIT clinical study and schedule the first appointment.

First, she described the goals of the research in detail, what they would be studying, how and why. An important ‘arm’ of this study was research on EoE that involved endoscopic sampling through the course of the OIT trial, and as a matter of fact they had an opening the next day at the hospital for an endoscopy. I checked my calendar and made that appointment on the spot.  Be there 630, have someone to drive you home around 9. I called my wife and made her cancel her morning clients.

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Clinical Trial Acceptance Testing


The interview was pretty much a recap of the written application and establishing rapport with the clinic. I only lied on one question, otherwise, completely honest.  After the interview and signing the release forms for admittance testing the first step is confirmation the allergy is real. This is done with a skin test. They applied six allergens to my skin and waited.

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I am not a liar, but …

“Fluid replenishment or Hypotension?”

This was a criteria for exclusion from the clinical study. Geeze, that was almost 30 years ago, and at the time, I didn’t remember it in completely vivid detail. OK, yes, they gave me an IV, sure, but do I remember why?  The memory can do funny things, especially when there is emotional trauma involved.

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