The inconvenience of a reaction: reality

I explained earlier my reasoning for wanting to avoid an allergic reaction by something other than ‘I could die’.
What follows just showed up yesterday on Facebook and I’ve redacted the identities. From the original question to the last result was about 8 hours. I have never seen a post before where there is not some dissention. This is the only post that I’ve ever seen where the response is UNANIMOUS:

Original Post:

I can sleep all day after an reaction. Is this normal?


  • It is for me
  • I am out of sorts in every way imaginable after a severe reaction.
  • I call it the ‘allergic reaction hangover’
  • Yes! After an allergic reaction, especially if it’s severe enough for IV meds, I’m tired for days.
  • I do too
  • I slept a lot the day after my anaphylactic reaction.
  • It is for me.
  • Even reactions that aren’t ER-worthy wear me out.
  • The only time I felt like going to sleep after a reaction was last summer and I had to take a Zyrtec to counteract the reaction I had as a result of something that I ate. After I went to sleep then I felt ok again.
  • I pretty much hibernate after a bad reaction. I thinks it’s part Benadryl part my body using all it’s energy to freak out over whatever I was reacting to
  • Yes, the medication only treats the symptoms. your body still needs to get rid of the allergen
  • Yeah I’m out of commission for pretty much a week before I start to feel normal again. It’s essentially trauma that happens to your body and it needs time to heal
  • Yes its not good! Had some wheat earlier that practically knocked me out. It was scary
  • My body just feels like it shuts down. I take it to be your immune system in fighting so hard it just knocks you out. I always get fatigued after a reaction.
  • I too call it my allergic reaction hangover. It’s the worst if I have an anaphylactic reaction, but I still get them from any reaction.
  • It would be odd if you didn’t.
  • I’ve never had that severe of a reaction food wise but I have however reacted severely to a couple different meds and I ended up feeling that way for days afterwards
  • After allergy test my stomach killed me, so took a little children’s liq benadryl. Took several days before I felt better and mentally get back to normal.
  • could not stop myself from sleeping.


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