Epinephrine tracker – Indigogo project – I just funded this, you can too!

I think it’s a great idea. The expiration of a medication depends significantly on the temperature, in addition to time elapsed. This will help identify if it’s gone bad* before expiration and if used properly will extend the life expectancy of meds stored at a more benign temperature. It also warns you if your cell phone and your meds become separated.

The cost of this device is paid for if the ‘expiration’ of the epi is extended by just a few months. I started carrying epi in 1986, and the expiration time back then was definitely longer than 1 year. I’m sure they brought it down to reduce their liability in a lawsuit, but also … to get everyone to throw away perfectly good meds and buy new.  Here’s the journal article.

(*-Gone bad caused by leaving a new epi in a hot car. At the time the liquid was clear, but turned brown months later and well within the expiration date.)

Veta™ is a Smart case for remote monitoring of your child’s Epi-pen.

Veta™ connects loved ones and caregivers to people living with life-threatening allergies, resulting in increased freedom, security and confidence for everyone involved. The Veta system includes:

  • Veta smart case, which holds your EpiPen®
  • Veta app, running on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ mobile devices, connecting to your support networks through a cloud-based infrastructure.

Recommendations on this page are merely recent observations of innovative products intended to keep us safer. No compensation was received, This is just what I stumbled upon recently.


4 thoughts on “Epinephrine tracker – Indigogo project – I just funded this, you can too!

  1. Mike

    I’m finally catching up on your blogs . I think this is a good idea also, but don’t know how to fund this. I’m going to click on the blue and see what comes up.



  2. I feel like you are living in my mind. I’m 37 and PN ANA, soy, peas, and some other legumes. I love reading your posts. I’ve been allergic my whole life and you have put so many of my feelings into words. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the last 6 months I have gone from internalizing it to sharing. There is only one reason for this transformation. Before I was told it was hopeless, now I have been given HOPE that my life can change. Hope is empowering.


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