Dining out: Step 1

I was invited to lunch by a fellow who is a vegetarian. It was his turn to choose the restaurant, a place I had never eaten before.. It took 3 email exchanges to get to the answer I was looking for.  This information could have easily been on their website along with their menu, they actually have allergy info on their webpage, but nothing specific to peanut. This is an email exchange I had with the restaurant:

From: Me
Subject: Peanut Allergy Info

Do you serve any dishes that contain peanut or peanut oil as an ingredient?

I realize you can’t absolutely guarantee me 100% risk free dining, and I accept that risk every moment of every day.

Take a look at this as a reasonable policy as an example:

It would save us both time if you could update this document regarding your peanut policy:

That way I would not need to email you. And you wouldn’t need to respond. J

Best Regards,

Epilogue:  Here it is, one week later and the web page is still unchanged.

This happened last week. This was a good outcome and relatively easy in comparison, regardless, this took a fair amount of time out of my day to accomplish..  I’m exchanging this email with someone who’s job title is Guest Advocate.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that. However, I can share this information with our team here at the home office.
Thanks for your feedback.

Guest Advocate
our mission: to provide every guest craveable and convenient veggie-centric food served by a caring, knowledgeable and genuinely engaging Team.

From: Me
Subject: RE: Peanut Allergy Info

Hi Sabrina,
Sorry for not being clear.  I have a food allergy and it was a lot of work and wasted time for me to determine that your restaurant is OK for me.  I would appreciate it if on your website you could provide this information to make my life easier.  Do you plan to make any changes to your website based on this suggestion?
Thank you!

From: Sabrina
Subject: RE: Peanut Allergy Info

To answer your question regarding peanut oil, we use rice bran oil.
Thank you!

From: Me
Subject: RE: Peanut Allergy Info

Thanks Sabrina, Looking forward to dining with you!  Managing this food allergy is a PITA, and I would never consider eating with you had I not been invited by a friend.  So, can you address the rest of my email please?

From: Sabrina
Subject: RE: Peanut Allergy Info

Hi Michael,
We do not have any actual peanuts in the building. The only nuts we have in our restaurants are the ones listed in the doc you have attached. However, some of our boxed items that are delivered to our restaurants contain tree nuts.
I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

our mission: to provide every guest craveable and convenient veggie-centric food served by a caring, knowledgeable and genuinely engaging Team.

You can read the whole thing for free if you subscribe to KindleUnlimited. Here’s the book:



2 thoughts on “Dining out: Step 1

  1. I am reading and hearing more about this allergy all over the country and probably the world. Unless people like you are an advocate for better transparency, this problem will not change.

    I notice on some of your pages you have a small picture of you sailing. Underneath the word “Joy”. The first thing I thought of was dad introducing this wonderful pastime/sport into our family. I prefer to think the hand of God was even then in this. You are in the palm of His hand. Introducing Lisa into your life was also in the tapestry of His plan. My how He loves and takes care of you.

    Big hugs!



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