I have this jigsaw puzzle inside my head

Every morning I wake up with a new found realization.  This has been going on for years; it’s about what’s inside my head but until now I haven’t written about it.  This morning it was several little epiphanies. (and a few big ones).  Here are the little ones:

  1. Others have described it as the little boxes theory, it’s not boxes, its a jigsaw puzzle
  2. I wasn’t anxious about losing my job, I was anxious about the thought of being forced out of the safe bubble that I had taken 11 years to build at my previous employer.  Ironically, it became a self fulfilling prophecy. The anxiety consumed me, I couldn’t do my job, they fired me because I wasn’t doing my job. I would have fired me too. I don’t blame them (anymore), and I’ve given up the thought of going back, because I no longer need to.
  3. blogging is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle

That’s all the time I have today…


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