Anaphylaxis 101

Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

A life-threatening allergic reaction can make someone feel sick in many different ways. While symptoms of an allergic reaction vary from person to person, reactions can quickly progress to become life-threatening – this is called anaphylaxis. It is important to recognize the signs.

The respiratory and the cardiovascular are the deadly ones. EITHER of those or any TWO of the others is considered anaphylaxis and should be treated as an emergency.

I have all 5.

physiological anaphyaxis

If someone is having an anaphylatic reaction, from food or otherwise they should be administered  IntraMuscular Epinephrine (IM epi) a.k.a. EpiPEN as SOON AS POSSIBLE. If the victim doesn’t have the medication on them then ASK EVERYONE. Most likely someone will have one. DON’T WAIT. Administer it in the upper thigh, hold in place for 10 seconds, massage the site. Call 911.

With any medication there are risks, but administering one dose and then determining the next course of action is lower risk than not giving the medication. Once the medication is in the system you’ve bought yourself some time.

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