Parents and Trigger Warning

My secondary purpose of this blog is to show parents who have kids with food allergies what my life has been like.  I’m trying to be honest about it.  There are some parts that can be scary. I’m sorry if it’s scary, but you need to be strong for your kids.  You need to control this rather than letting it control you. MORE IMPORTANTLY however, your kid is the one with the allergy, not you, so EMPOWERING your children to control and speak up for their health and safety is actually MORE important than anything else, including not forcing them into OIT if they are not ready.

I’ve gotten feedback that some of what I write about is too frightening to be shared with parents who are dealing with kids with allergies.  I’d rather they read about me, the boy that lived, than the alternative. My story will hopefully have a happy ending someday.


One thought on “Parents and Trigger Warning

  1. Parents need to hear all of it–good bad and ugly. Otherwise they may not respect the allergy for the health condition it is and the potential for grave circumstances if mismanaged . Thanks for writing this blog.


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